Tips for Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

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Ecommerce has grown significantly over the last decade, and the field seems to be promising if any of the business practices witnessed today is anything to go by. Experts estimate that the industry will be worth $4.48 trillion by the end of the year 2020.

To compete favorably, many entrepreneurs have ventured into the field to match the skills of competitors and gain a comparative advantage. There are, however, some crucial factors that individuals have to consider before selecting an e-commerce platform for their business. Below are some of the factors that individuals have to consider when choosing the best e-commerce solutions.

Compatibility with Mobile Phones

Research has confirmed that most internet connectivity in the world today occurs through mobile phones. It is, therefore, recommendable that an entrepreneur purchases an e-commerce space in a platform that supports mobile apps to make it easy for mobile users to access the business site through mobile phones provided they have internet app


Pricing is an essential factor when making business decisions since it affects business profits directly. Costs differ from one online business platform to another. Business people are advised to select online services with reasonable fees as compared to the benefits the investor is likely to enjoy. Also, consider the amount required to set up an e-commerce store on the platform.

Mode of Payment

Another crucial factor to consider is the mode of payment to be used by your customers. Ensure that the company allows payments to be made through common payment systems such as PayPal. Some payment methods may involve massive delays and lengthy procedures that may discourage clients from your products.

SEO Engines

It is also essential to investigate whether the vendor supports factors such as search engine friendly and customizable URLs, sitemaps for Google, and multi-documented information on products and their categories. Ensure you choose a company that produces the site automatically with the possibility of adding the map to your search console.


Similar to establishing a store on the ground, individuals look for places with reduced cases of crime. Cybercrime is increasing with the growing rate of internet usage. Select an e-commerce platform with a series of protective measures and little or no history of cyber attack cases.

Ease of Use

Select an e-commerce platform that clients can navigate easily while exploring the available products and their prices. While some websites are easy to move around, some might be too complicated to use, thus wasting the customer’s time and inconveniencing those who need to make a quick inquiry.

Availability of Support

Select an online with 24-hour support services. Lastly try to find out how the support staff treats customers who make inquiries from the site.