3 Steps to Finding a Loan for Bad Credit Scores

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If you need an online loan for your business, then there is no shortcut; .you need to do your homework. There are several companies that provide all types of loans. The problem is that identifying the right one is never a simple task. However, if you do your research, then you will be in a better position of making the right choice. The good thing is that nowadays, technology seems to have made things easier for us.

Understand What Bad Credit Scores Mean

In the process of finding a good loan lender, you need to ensure that you do not have bad debts as this might result in making you not to qualify for the loan. Remember that some loan providers are keen not to give their money to people who will not be able to pay back. This, therefore, tells you that you need to anything at your disposal to convince them that you are not that type.

Do Your Research on the Loan Service

You need to understand that there are many online loans provider nowadays. So for you to get that best one that you are looking for, you need to make sure that you have all the information that you will need. Here, you need to make use of both the internet and the people who are around you. Sometimes you need to understand that no man is an island. Look at the customer services that the lender has been giving to its customers. If most of the customers got satisfied with the services provided to them, then it means that you can also get that satisfaction that you need.

Apart from the interest rate, you need to pay attention to other costs and fees. Take time to persuade the loan provider to disclose to you some of those costs. Most of these costs are hidden, and they actually make it the loan a bit expensive. If you find that they are unbearable, then you can keep searching.

Learn What Others Say About the Loan Service

Sometimes you need to do business with people have a good reputation. Some online lenders are in the industry just to enrich themselves. They do not care about the welfare of their customers. These are some of the renders whose interest rates are unbearable. If you do your homework properly, you will avoid such people who are after exploiting you. One of getting to know to about the reputation of the company is looking at the online reviews. Get to know what other people who have used their services before thinking about the lenders.

Tips for Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

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Ecommerce has grown significantly over the last decade, and the field seems to be promising if any of the business practices witnessed today is anything to go by. Experts estimate that the industry will be worth $4.48 trillion by the end of the year 2020.

To compete favorably, many entrepreneurs have ventured into the field to match the skills of competitors and gain a comparative advantage. There are, however, some crucial factors that individuals have to consider before selecting an e-commerce platform for their business. Below are some of the factors that individuals have to consider when choosing the best e-commerce solutions.

Compatibility with Mobile Phones

Research has confirmed that most internet connectivity in the world today occurs through mobile phones. It is, therefore, recommendable that an entrepreneur purchases an e-commerce space in a platform that supports mobile apps to make it easy for mobile users to access the business site through mobile phones provided they have internet connectivity.mobile app


Pricing is an essential factor when making business decisions since it affects business profits directly. Costs differ from one online business platform to another. Business people are advised to select online services with reasonable fees as compared to the benefits the investor is likely to enjoy. Also, consider the amount required to set up an e-commerce store on the platform.

Mode of Payment

Another crucial factor to consider is the mode of payment to be used by your customers. Ensure that the company allows payments to be made through common payment systems such as PayPal. Some payment methods may involve massive delays and lengthy procedures that may discourage clients from your products.

SEO Engines

It is also essential to investigate whether the vendor supports factors such as search engine friendly and customizable URLs, sitemaps for Google, and multi-documented information on products and their categories. Ensure you choose a company that produces the site automatically with the possibility of adding the map to your search console.


Similar to establishing a store on the ground, individuals look for places with reduced cases of crime. Cybercrime is increasing with the growing rate of internet usage. Select an e-commerce platform with a series of protective measures and little or no history of cyber attack cases.

Ease of Use

Select an e-commerce platform that clients can navigate easily while exploring the available products and their prices. While some websites are easy to move around, some might be too complicated to use, thus wasting the customer’s time and inconveniencing those who need to make a quick inquiry.

Availability of Support

Select an online with 24-hour support services. Lastly try to find out how the support staff treats customers who make inquiries from the site.

Top Reasons Why Some People Are Broke

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It has only been a week since you got paid and you realized that you no longer have money. You are probably wondering now where your paycheck went. What are you going to do? How are you going to survive until you get paid again?

Many people are actually in this predicament. They are already broke after receiving their salary just a few days ago. Why? Let us find out.

Not Following a Budget

This is the number one reason why a lot of people are broke. They do not follow their budget. Or worse, they do not create a budget at all because they think that everything will turn out okay. This is why their expenses get out of control.

If you do not set limitations, you would just go ahead and spend your money on whatever things you feel like buying. But if you have a budget, and you strictly follow it, you will clearly start to see how much you are making, and how much you are spending. You will have a clearer view of your expenses, and you will be able to identify which ones you need to prioritize. This will also allow you to save some cash.

Spending Too Much on Unnecessary Things

You are working too hard, and it is not bad to pamper yourself once in a while. You can go to the spa or to the mall and get yourself some new things. But then again, you have to check if you can really afford it. If the stuff that you want to purchase is unnecessary, you better hold your horses, or you will end up broke sooner or later.

Not Making Enough Money

Before you spend money on something, the first thing that you should ask yourself is whether or not you can really afford it. You need to make a list of all your monthly expenses, get the total, and see if you are even making enough money to cover all those. If not, then you might need to cut back.

If your paycheck is not sufficient to support your basic needs, then you must do something. You can look for a more rewarding job. You can also look for a sideline.

Abusing the Use of Credit Cards

It is fun to shop and swipe your credit card, but it doesn’t feel the same once you get your bill. Whenever you charge something on your card, always make sure that you have money coming to pay for it. Otherwise, you might end up paying the minimum amount, and that is when the interest starts to pile up.

Choosing the best insurance company – Do not rush with your decision

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Buying insurance can sometimes be quite a costly affair. It can also be a tough choice since there are so many reputable insurance companies out there, like AMI Insurance, as well as a vast number of brand new companies, which seem to be popping out on a daily basis. When making your choice, you need to know what exactly are you getting for your money, and know whether an insurance company operates according to ethical standards, or not.

A plethora of methods

The good thing is that there are ways to rate and compare these companies. When choosing them, you can rely on a number of factors and criteria, that these insurance companies must adhere to, in order to make a proper choice.

The quality of claims

insuranceWhen buying insurance, it is almost the same as buying any other product or paying for any other service. You need to know where your money goes and who you are investing in. When dealing with these companies, you can best determine their efficacy and efficiency by investigating their claims. The main thing with insurance is that we all hope that we will never actually need it, that we will not have to make a claim against our insurance. However, unfortunate events usually happen from time to time, and when they do, we must make a claim.

That can be a rather stressful situation, after months and years of diligently paying for your insurance premiums. In one of the worst case scenarios, an insurance company will refuse to pay you out, due to some small piece of paper, that says that you have not listed a particular item for insurance. This is the main reason why you should always check the payback rates of various insurance companies, so as to determine whether they are good at settling claims, or not.

Some investigation work on your end will certainly make the whole process of choosing, much easier

Certified and licensed

Start off by making sure the company is fully licensed, vetted and certified by the insurance regulatory board. A perhaps easier method would be to go online and check out the official list of registered New Zealand insurance companies.

Visit online forums

As mentioned above, be sure to ask the insurers about their payback rates. The best way of assessing a company’s policies is by seeing how well they settle their claims. Since we live in the informational age, don’t be afraid to do some investigating on your own. These days, all kinds of information can be accessed with a single click. One of the most effective ways of digging up some useful info is by visiting various forums online and reading personal reviews, as well as asking other people about their references and previous or current experiences. Getting honest and unbiased feelings and impressions have never been easier.

Make a call

Even though you can find almost all the necessary information online, don’t forget to call the company itself. By speaking to its staff, you will be dealing with them first hand, which will allow you to accurately assess the quality of their customer service. You can easily judge a certain company, simply by seeing how they treat their current and potential clients.

Word of mouth

family Lastly, you can always rely on the good old method of word of mouth. You can ask other people, friends or colleagues, about their insurance companies and their experiences with them. This, along with other methods, will help you a lot when choosing your insurance provider.

How to successfully sell your CPA practice

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There entrepreneurs that successfully sell their CPA practice while others face challenges when it comes to selling the practice. The difference between success and failure is the way you contact your sell. In the modern day, it is now easy to get clients for your CPA practice. Some companies act as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers of the accounting firms. The accounting practices for sale can use this platform to meet potential buyers of their practice. With such firms, it becomes very easy to get potential buyers and sell your firm in the fastest way possible.

Successfully selling your CPA practice

The smaller the practice, the better

The smaller the practice, the easier it becomes to sell. When selling a small practice, it will be easy to because you will get many potential buyers with a small budget. Most of the small practices make it easy to transition and manage. Many buyers will require a small accounting firm and later grow it rather than a big one. With a big practice, there will always be the management challenge as well as the challenge of consolidating the firm once you buy it.


Value your practice

It is important to value your practice before you sell it. It should not be a matter of guesswork or approximation. You should get the exact value of your practice and how much it is worth. To get the right value, you should use a professional to help you with valuing. With a good professional, you can determine how you will sell your practice.

How are planning to sell?

There are many methods of selling your practice, and you need to determine the method that you prefer to use. Some people prefer to sell the firm to a new buyer and completely exit from the firm and operations. Other sellers prefer to sell part of the shares and remain with a portion of the firm. Some will prefer a merger where two firms combine to form one big firm. You should determine how you want to sell you firm before you put it on the market.


Prepare for the sell

Once you make the decision to sell, it is now time to start preparing the firm for sell. Preparation involves a lot of work, and you should make sure that the company looks presentable. You should sort your books of account and make sure that everything is organized.

Popular Types Of Business Loans For Small Enterprise

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Each business encounters serious problems that concern cash flow at any given point. This may necessitate the need to borrow funds to sustain business operations. For the startups, financial problems are likely to come knocking at your door as early as possible.

It is now possible for small enterprises to finance their projects and operations as there are several avenues to turn to for financial support. It is important to note that finding a reputable lender is no longer difficult the way it used to be. There are direct debit bureaus and bank loans.

Types of loans

There are also loaloansn packages that are offered by the government agencies that attract several borrowers as they come with a guarantee, which certain lenders cannot. Availability of more than a single option is a good sign that business owners should evaluate their needs to determine the best type of loan for them.

Long-term vs. Short-term

These are the two basic kinds of loans, which are available to small business owners. Long-established, reputable commercial lenders provide long-term loans with low interest rates. This is because the amount they dispatch is large enough to cover the expenses. They can provide you with a loan amount to acquire another business. On the other hand, small businesses that want working capital can approach these lenders. They will need to provide a formidable business plan for the loan amount to be approved.

Short term loans are offered by both banking institutions and credit unions. Whereas long-term loans must be paid through monthly installments, short-term loans are settled at the end of the term. The interest charged is higher as compared to long-term loans. Retailers in need for additional funding to complete a short project can benefit from these types of loans.

Alternative options

Other than convenmoneytional sources of funding, business owners can choose alternative lending options. Nowadays, it is quite easy to apply for a loan as it can be done online. In fact, offers are now easy to process. It is quite easy to access capital without much difficulty that you have to undergo when seeking loans from traditional funding sources.

The good thing about alternative options is that they work best to meet your business needs such as expansion and even sustaining operations whenever there are cash shortfalls. On the other hand, small businesses, which are in early stages of operations find it quite difficult to meet the stringent requirements.

Entertainment For Your Wedding Event

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There are a lot of entertainment types in the market today. These give people a broad view from where to choose, but this has one advantage because it can make you confused and unable to make the best decision. You need to go round in search for the best live entertainment for your event. If you are having a wedding soon or a graduation ceremony you can still find the best entertainment group for you. Consult some planning companies because they know which group will be the best for your event.

There are people in the market who do the job of booking musicians and other entertainers like comedians for upcoming events. You can seek their assistance and together with them; you can figure out the live entertainment group best for your event. In this article, we will talk about the tips on how to choose the best live entertainment for your wedding event. What you have to understand is that weddings are events just as any other, hence the need to handle entertainment like any other big professional performances and events, for example, philips dvdr3350h.The audience needs to have fun, and that is why if you are looking for a comedian, for example, get one who is full of energy and who is a rib cracker. The tips are as explained below.

Entertainment for your wedding

Ask your wedding professionalswoman on call

Of course, finding a band for your wedding ceremony is not hard, but the problem is finding the best band for the event. If you find out that time is elapsing and you have not come up with a name, you should ask your wedding professionals. May be they have a name of the best band that they would recommend for your event. Since they have done numerous events before, they know a lot of entertainers whom they can recommend.

Catch a show

Before you decide on hiring a band for the event, ensure that you watch their performance live. You can even show up at a wedding so that you look at what they are capable of doing. Look at how they interact with the guests in that event. From what you see, you can decide to make some changes depending on the plans you have for your event. May be if you had not considered going for an after party then you can give that a thorough thought.

Don’t judge a band by its size

It is not wise of you to judge a band by the number of players it has. It does not mean that a band with a lot of members can do a great job than one with few members. A bigger band might have many members playing instruments and a few singing while a smaller band can have both instrument players and singers and this makes them equal. Instead of looking at how many they are, look and hear out what they can do.

You get what you pay for

walletThis is what you have to remember always that you will get what you will pay for. The more the number of hours the more you are likely to pay. For example, if they will perform during the day and during the night you will have to dig more into your pocket.

4 FAQS About Making PPI Claims

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PPI or Payment Protection Insurance has been mis-sold to millions of people across the UK. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that they are entitled to some compensation. Moreover, those that know also do not what qualifies to be a mis-sold PPI and what does not. For a fact, the PPI industry is one industry that has and is often misunderstood. In an attempt to make some things clear, here are common questions and answers about making PPI claims.

How do I know if I have mis-sold PPI?

old manMany people are unaware they have been mis-sold PPI. Moreover, some of them could have paid for than one PPI policy. Anyone that can prove that they paid for PPI unknowingly or if they did not qualify for PPI benefits is entitled to make a claim. When making a claim, it is advisable to walk with a PPI claims company. Their experience in handling claims makes it easy for them to identify policies you were not aware of, which means you get a larger refund despite paying some service fee.

Is there a time limit for making PPI claims?

Most people often ask, how far back can i claim ppi? Ideally, one has six years to make a claim once they realize they have mis-sold PPI. Past the 6-year limit, most lenders are not willing to provide you with your loan documents. However, for those that are careful enough and keep their financial records, it is possible to make a claim even after this tome has elapsed. In case you have misplaced some of your loan documents, you can have a PPI claims company get them for you and process your claim.

How long does it take to process a PPI claim?woman with money

There is no standard or set duration set for getting a PPI refund. As such, you can have some claims taking a few weeks to be processed while others might take longer than expected. Ideally, the duration depends on the complexity of the claim and the type of lender you are dealing with.

Should I work with a PPI claims company?

Many people are often not so sure they are entitled to a PPI compensation. As such, it is imperative to work with a PPI claims company just to be sure. Moreover, a PPI company also serves to help you identify other claims that might not be clear to you. Considering that lenders used all sorts of names to disguise PPI, it might take the keen eye of a PPI claims company to identify these claims.

Do you need to hire a forex trading broker?

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Forex trading is a good way to invest your money. With the right skills and knowledge, you can gain good returns. The reason why many people are hesitant about forex trading is due to poor understanding of the investment. Just like any other type of investment, you need to invest your time and do a lot of research. Putting the necessary time and resources is the sure way to make reasonable returns from forex. For a start, you need to hire a broker to help you learn the ropes and get familiar with forex trading. Hiring a forex broker will help you avoid the frustrations that most beginners face.

Signs that you need to hire a forex broker

New to forex trading

Beginners in forex trading face a lot of challenges, and the best way to avoid these challenges is by hiring a forex broker. A good forex broker will help you in learning the right way to trade and avoid making mistakes as a beginner. For a beginner, forex trading can be very confusing, and you need someone to walk with you through the process. The work of a forex broker is to help you through the initial process of starting forex trading.


You want to make profits

If you have ever tried forex trading and decided to quit because you never got the results that you expected, then you should hire a forex broker. A forex broker will help you trade in the right way and make profits. However, you need to be open minded when hiring a forex trader and keep your expectations low. You still need to understand that forex trading is a gradual investment and it might take some time before you start seeing profits.

make profits

You don’t have time

Forex trading takes time, and if you have a busy schedule, the right option is to get the services of a forex broker. A forex broker will trade on your behalf, and you don’t have to squeeze your busy schedule and get time to trade. With forex trading, you have to take time and do analysis and at the same time trade. You need to pay the forex broker some commission to do the trading on your behalf, but this is still better than taking the time to do trading on your own.

How Credit Repair Firms Improve Your Credit Score

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Having a better credit score puts you in a better position whenever you need help from financial institutions. However, things can change drastically thus finding you credit score far below the cut line. This does not mean all hope is lost as there are dedicated credit repair companies willing to take up your case. Lexington Law reviewed and rated web page will help you to know what they can do for you, in the event of such a situation. Besides, this article will help you to know what such a company can do for you.

How a credit repair company helps you improve the credit score

Pulling out and analysis of your credit report

walletYour credit repair company may not directly access your credit report from the database, but they work hand in hand with authorized third party companies like TransUnion or Equifax to pull out your credit report. With the report on the table, both parties can analyze it to identify where things went wrong. The professional will then devise a way forward strategy for you.

Draws a financial guideline for you

Whether its mismanagement, harsh reality of hard economic times or loss of a job that made you mess up, these professionals will draw a plan for you on how to manage the remaining loans and financial crisis. All they need from you is discipline to follow what you are committing yourself to. Notably, most people have benefited from these plans once they adhere to them.

Negotiate with lending institutions

cardBy now, most of the lending institutions are feeling failed by you. There is nothing much you have done rather than default all the loans. The credit repair firms usually open a negotiation platform and proceed to take charge of it. However, the plan drawn is through your commitment on how to pay the loans. The newly negotiated rates are usually affordable with penalties waived or reduced.

They monitor your financial progress

For an agreed period, you can be sure to have a big brother watching. These companies check how you are paying the agreed loan repayments as well as managing other financial crisis. The reason for this is because credit repair does not take overnight but is a process that takes time.

From the above insights, you have seen how important the credit repair companies are. Most of then do not charge a lot of money to put things back to normal for you. Consider using them in such a situation.

Trust Deed arrangements – What are the benefits and how to apply

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Scottish Trust Deeds are designed with the aim of helping Scottish residents, who are unable to pay their debts, to make arrangements. Which include monthly payments they can afford. These payments are then apportioned to the creditors and are proportioned to the exact sum each of them is owed. It is worth noting that these payments are considered as legally binding agreements.

Major benefits

counting money With a trust deed, all the interests and charges related to all kinds of debts, are momentarily frozen, and a person will owe nothing but the exact sum that was owed, at the moment of entering the Trust Deed agreement. All the subsequent payments, after the agreement, will be deducted from one’s balance. There are no charges when setting up a Scottish Trust Deed, and the agreement itself cannot last more than 36 months. If a person can manage to maintain his/her payments during that period, all the remaining debts will be written off.

What this means, is that a person can repay only 10% percent of his/her debts, and then have the remaining debts written off at the end of the 3-year period, if he/she can present a proof of the maximum amount of payment, he/she can make. Once the Trust Deed arrangement is made, all the debtors are forbidden from taking any sorts of actions against the person that is in their debt. These include e-mails, letters, phone calls, as well as court actions.

Minor disadvantages

Aside from these obvious benefits, trust deeds agreements also carry some disadvantages, although quite minor ones. One of the most notable disadvantages is the fact that, a person, who has entered the agreement, will have certain problems getting his/her credit again. Also, his/her entire credit record will be shot. However, all of these present no real issues, since they have most certainly happened by the time the agreement was made. When compared to all the advantages, the disadvantages are quite minor, and not worthy of any worries.

There are also specific cases, where a certain creditor, or some them, might refuse to enter the trust deed agreement. If something like that happens, a person can apply for their personal bankruptcy or sequestration. By doing this, a person will entitle these creditors to an even smaller amount of payment, and no creditor would want that. Although reluctantly, the vast majority of creditors usually enter a trust deed agreement, simply because it is in their interest.

A protected trust deed agreement

cash on handPerhaps the best type of a trust deed agreement is a Protected Trust Deed, which legally binds all the creditors. By applying for this kind of a trust deed, a person will, in a way, protect himself/herself, by informing the creditors that they have no more than five weeks to object it. If those that object are owed less than one-third of the total debt, then they will be incapable of preventing the agreement. To apply fo a protected contract, a person needs to have an unsecured debt more than 8.000 pounds and must be capable of making at least 150 pounds in monthly payments. To realize that debt, personal possessions can be seized and sold, but not houses or other property.

What you need to know about Square processing rates

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The point-of-sale square point of sale is free of charge software which enables the provision of required tools of enterprises of all magnitudes all around the globe to succeed, run, and grow.

Helps with myriad features

The square rates of Sale helps you in accessing myriad features which are very valuable for the success of your business. This software provides you help in the creation of inventory items, managing your inventory by tracking your stock and receiving alerts when your stock runs low. It also helps in printing and sending receipts of your payments on record, analyzing, and utilizing insights to your business and much more.

Fees for Operating the app

cardsThe square point of sale is simple software whereby you can receive money. There is no money involved when you download the app nor when you activate the app. Also, you need not pay any fees when you opt to terminate this software early. There are certain charges involved for charge backs, but you may even be eligible for refunds. Also, there are no fees to be paid if you keep your account with square point of sale inactive.

The only check you have to keep in mind is that it should comply with all PCI regulations. The software may not be processing payments in your country today, but it will help you in providing you with a way for recording all types of payments, be it in cash, by card, or by any other type of tender payments.

No extra charges for credit cards use

There are no separate fees for the use of credit cards for these fees are included in the fees charged by square point of sale. Though the charges included for the use of any of the credit card brands is the same. The processing fees for payment are included in the total cost of the transaction along with the tip and the applicable taxes.

Depositing your money in your bank account

The services provided by this software can be utilized for all types of businesses. The square point of sale company deposits the money received on your behalf from your customers directly into your bank account. The normal time for such deposits is within a couple of business days, but you can opt to get your receipts quicker by opting for a scheme of scheduled deposits or instant deposit of money.

cards in walletThe normal next day deposits can be obtained from square point of sale is free of charge. The charges you may have to pay for getting your money by opting for either of scheduled deposit or even by instant deposit is 1% of your amount of deposit.

Top Reasons To Save Money

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Saving requires that you put away some given amount of money with the intention of using it sometime in the future. It sounds quite easy to do but requires lots of self-control and determination. There are many forms of savings, which can be done through a variety of channels. The choice of how much to save, institution to save with, and for how long you will keep your savings will depend on personal needs and abilities. Some of the top reasons to save are highlighted below.

Reasons to save money

To have financial independencemoney

Having financial independence is one of the main goals for almost everyone. It means that you get a stronger spending power and thus, less financial stress. Having a good amount of money in your savings account means that you will have somewhere to fall back to when facing a financial crisis. You will not have to run to creditors and lenders for support. You will also be able the sole determinant on when and how you will use the money, and you will not be governed by any restrictions except those that you place yourself.

To access loans easily

Having some savings in your account will allow you to access higher loan amounts easily. Many financial institutions currently only offer mortgages and car loans to individuals who can place a down payment on the loans. You are not allowed to borrow the money for down payments. You can thus use the savings that you already have in your account for this purpose. The more down payment you place, the less the interest you will be charged on your loan.

To earn interest

money tree, cartoonAnother great incentive to save money is to earn interest from it. A majority of the banking institutions offer some interest on the amount placed in savings accounts, provided the money remains in the account over a specified period. This means that you can increase the amount of money you have by simply placing it in a savings account. The amount of interest you earn will primarily depend on the financial institution that you bank with, meaning that you will have to select the institution carefully.

To buy something you desire

There are many things that you may wish to buy but cannot afford them now due to financial reasons. Saving with the intention of buying the item in the future will enable you to afford it and fulfill your desires. An example can be saving to buy a car or even build your home.

Choosing A Financial Planner

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Choosing a right financial planner is one of the hardest financial decisions that a person will have to make. If a person makes the right decision, the benefits are numerous. However, if you make the wrong choice, the results can be devastating. You should carefully identify a financial planner that is very familiar with the problems that face investors every day and therefore help you to achieve your financial goals.

Main factors to consider when choosing a financial planner


Many financial planners have worked in different fields before getting to be financial planners. This experience in the various fields may prove to be beneficial. Financial planners are expected by law to be qualified to deal with financial issues. Qualification is key. This is because you may not want to entrust your money with underqualified persons. When interviewing potential financial planners, you should check their licenses, credentials, and referrals. Often satisfied clients will have good referrals to give to you.

Financial needs

You may have very many financial needs, to choose a financial planner you must know all your financial needs. Whatever your financial needs you should look for a financial planner who has the expertise, competence, and experience to suit your financial needs. Before choosing a planner, you should first ascertain, prioritize and document your financial goals. By selecting your needs and how much capital they require, you will have an idea of which kind of financial planner you will need.


CostsOften a combination of fees, commissions, and some other costs can turn a good investment into a mediocre one. Some planners charge a standard fee that is based on time or asset value, while others collect commission based on the product purchased on the assortment. Choosing a planner who is remitted on commissions is best as it eliminates some of the costs of advice. The mode of payment to the planner should be clearly stated and agreed upon before engaging in transactions. A good planner is not reluctant to discuss compensation.


A good financial planner should be completely trustworthy. The nonnegotiable element of financial planning is complete honesty. You cannot work with financial planners who are unscrupulous or lack integrity. You should be able to trust your financial planner completely. If you are worried about the advice, the planner is giving you then ask for clarification until you are certain you understand everything if it is not working then it is best to seek another planner.